Thurlby Domain


Thurlby Domain was the estate of Bendix Hallenstein, the early Otago businessman who founded the Hallenstein Brothers clothing company, which is still in business today.

Born in Germany in 1835, Hallenstein opened a general store in Queenstown amongst the gold rush of 1865. The rest is history, he became wildly successful, joined in local politics and moved here to Speargrass Flat. The grand Elizabethan home built here for his family was by Frederick William Burwell. It was partly of traditional stone, but combined with cement and brick. Though the house did not hold up as well as the exceedingly well crafted cottages and stables, preservation and restoration since 1992 have seen the estate become a pretty and popular Domain. Visited by tourists of all kinds, it is also a venue for weddings and grand celebrations in the lakes area. 

Image Credits: David Baldock Photographer