Urban Design

The tag 'urban design' is used for people friendly places which enhance the livability of cities and towns. They are often multi-use and designed to be pedestrian and cycle friendly. A broad category, it includes residential and waterfront developments. A good example is the Wellington waterfront in combination with the Civic square and Oriental Bay. Before the earthquakes, Worcester Boulevard in Christchurch was a prime example.
Auckland's bleak offering in its downtown area has been tempered by the recent development of Britomart and the Wynyard Quarter and most recently the transformation of O'Connell Street into a shared space with the redesign of Freyberg Square. Future changes related to hosting the 2021 America's Cup promise to further improve the attractiveness of Auckland's Downtown. One proposal is to pedestrianise Queen Street.
In New Plymouth a major impact came when the city decided to re-engage with the sea through the Coastal Walkway.
Increasingly in New Zealand, particularly in Auckland, Urban Design is seen to include housing typologies which increase urban density, particularly on transport corridors. One example of this could be the Auckland Light Rail project.
Following the establishment of Kāinga Ora in 2019 that agency has a national responsibility for urban design.

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