Auckland Volcanic Field

The Auckland Volcanic Field covers 360km2 and contains at least 50 volcanoes. It is expected that these volcanoes won’t erupt again. Any future eruptions will occur in new, unknown locations. Scientists have established a project DEVORA aimed at DEtermining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland. Although the chance of further eruptions is low within a person's lifetime, the field is not dormant. Clusters of eruptions appear to happen every 3,000 years. For Māori the many volcanic peaks made ideal pā sites that were easily defended against invading tribes. In addition they valued the land’s ability to grow crops – volcanic soil is rich, containing elements and nutrients essential for plant growth. Under a 2014 Treaty of Waitangi settlement, 14 maunga (volcanic cones) were returned to 13 mana whenua iwi and hapū of Auckland.

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