Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross is a Wellington photographer who makes masterful use of existing light to capture people, and found interiors and exteriors in the urban environment reflecting in his images the impact of time. Andrew Ross has actively photographed Wellington's urban landscape since the early 1990s, with emphasis on older buildings, those which are threatened with demolition or significant renovation, and the people who make their lives or livings in the buildings. He is a keen tramper and has a great appreciation of the NZ landscape, which he also photographs. While Ross's photographic oeuvre is essentially documentary, his skill in selecting viewpoint and judging lighting, and his use of a large format camera pushes his work strongly into the sphere of fine art photography. Like Laurence Aberhart, he contact-prints his hand-developed negatives. By this process, the ultimate rendition of tonality and fine detail can be achieved by a skilled practitioner, giving each individual print a unique quality. This student-made video profile captures Ross in his home environment.

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