Queen Elizabeth Park

The park is 638 hectares, with picnic and barbecue sites. Swim in the sea near the surf club and explore a range of environments. There is also a camping ground.

Queen Elizabeth Park was the site for a significant cultural invasion. During the second world war from 1942 to 1944 up to 20,000 United States marines were camped around the park for recreation and training. Almost 1500 NZ women married marines.

This is the home of the Wellington Tramway Museum, and there are stables and riding opportunities here.

To get there by public transport it is a 1.5 km walk or cycle from the Paekaekariki railway station to the southern park entrance at the end of Wellington Road. Or take a No 74 bus from Paraparaumu railway station to Jeep Rd, Raumati South. The road entrance is just north of Paekakariki and has signage and brick pillars either side of the gate.