Jacks Bay Blowhole

A one hour return walk over farmland, (but not during lambing in September/October) to a 55m deep blowhole. It’s best to go at high tide in a strong southerly, when the sea surges through a subterranean tunnel and ‘blows’ spectacularly. Of course the walk is less pleasant during a southerly. The blowhole itself is in a paddock, inland, so it is a surprising sight.

"Jack" was Hone Tuhawaiki, also known as John Touwaick, a Ngai Tahu leader of strong character who signed the treaty of Waitangi also gave his name to a Canterbury Lighthouse

Here, the bay, blowhole and the island were named after the fabled chief when he escaped from Te Rauparaha and Ngati Toa raiders by swimming eight kilometres out to the island.