Chalky Inlet, Preservation Inlet, Revolver Hill, Steep - to Island, Welcombe Bay, Broke adrift Passage, Bad Passage and Useless Bay

Chalky Inlet is a far flung and seldom visited corner of Fiordland, the early Pakeha visitors obviously not having had a great time and come up with some seriously grumpy names for the area. 

Northport, Chalky Inlet is the final resting place of the shipwrecked GSS Stella, and many other vessels. Not so many go round there anymore. 

NZPlaces would love a first hand account and pictures of Chalky Inlet and surrounds. There is an accommodation house here, also with a strange name, Kisbee Lodge at Kisbee Bay, right by the strangely named Cemetery Island. Go figure or go visit and send us your impressions and your photos

Interesting Place Names and History of New Zealand Maori Place Names: Their Meanings and Origins

Image Credit: Chalky Inlet, 1874, Dunedin, by Burton Brothers studio.[Chalky Inlet], 1883, Dunedin, by Burton Brothers studio, Alfred Burton. Te Papa. and GSS Stella Northport Chalky Inlet Aotearoa New Zealand by LaurieM.